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Блог Animatron. 10 apr.


Перевод здесь:


Animatron.com is an online animation tool working right in your browser with export to HTML5, GIF, Video and SVG.
We have all kinds of users, some of them are pros/semi-pros, but most of them have no idea how to create an animation or even how to draw. We want to help by giving them a library of ready to use animated objects in different styles/themes.
The objects should be designed for a particular topic and all objects for a topic should be done in one style. Examples of topics: space, aviation, science lab, fishing, river, ocean, street, aliens, info graphics etc
The library will be quite large and we need lots of objects for many topics. For each topic there should be a sufficient number of objects covering it to be practically usable.
For example if we want to cover aviation I would imagine the following objects:
- several types of planes flying (turbines are rotating or propellers spinning)
- helicopters
- paratroopers jumping etc
for space:
- rockets flying and standing ready to take off, flames
- several types of satellites, may be sending signals
- astronauts in space
- earth/moon rotating
- aliens :)
for office:
- office dressed characters in several different poses
- office environments
- computers, printers
for farm:
- farm animals
- farm building and machinery etc
for infographics:
- animated charts
- all kinds of arrows
- all kinds of blocks/panels
Some humor there is cool!
We don’t really have any preferences at the moment what we should do first. We would prefer if you choose several topics which you would like to do, tell us and we will discuss it together.
If you especially like some particular topic it is possible to redo it in several styles, i.e. cartoonish, realistic, funny, retro etc.
The animations could be very subtle or not, depending on the objects and the context. We are NOT looking for long animation, it has to be animated object or small scene, so the animation itself should be 1-3-5 seconds at most.
We do NOT provide any assets to use, they have to be drawn/created either externally or in Animatron itself, does not matter. You can create static assets in any software of your choice, you just need to be able to export it to SVG. The SVG’s can then be imported into Animatron. The animation itself should be done in Animatron.
All animations should be in vector, no bitmaps plz.
To apply for this job please send your portfolio, cover letter, rate expectations and topics/styles (any topic, not only those listed above!) you want to work on to skavish@animatron.com or comment below with questions.